he was born as catholic, but at the time of 

Reformation he became Lutheran, then later

Reformat, and after all he died as Unitarian.

  If it was about, he was ready to defend 

Transylvania with army to make sure, that 

nor the region, or its citadels will be 

annexed to the Habsburg empire. 

  During his ruling an important fact is, that, 

he marked the 

path of foreign 

policy, for his 

successors in


Transylvania can 

only live in peace, 

if keeps its 

friendship with 

both the Turks 

and Habsburgs! 

As for his successors is an important  fact, 



                               - 19 -

that, in 1566, he gained a letter of 

alliance, from Soliman the sultan, that 

contains the right of free voting for count 

in Transylvania. 

  Practically, the principal impact has 

formed at his time of ruling, and the 

principalities own institutions were also 

born at that time. 

  During his ruling was accepted the 

emancipation of the protestant 

denomination and fulfilled the 

Reformation in Transylvania,

and formed the "four religions" system. 

  Just before his death, he resigned from 

the "voted king" title, for the Habsburgs, 

to assure for himself the Transylvanian 

Principality's dignity, and that, that the 

Habsburgs will not interfere into any of 

Transylvania's matter. 




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