Bocskai István

                  (1557 - 1606)


  Originated from a noble family, he takes 

place in a very important role: he was a 

cadet in Vienna, later becomes his nephew's, 

Báthory Zsigmond's, 

advisor, then becomes 

commander of Várad. 

This is how he happen 

to possess a large 

property. He is the 

one that advises 

Báthory Zsigmond to 

count down with the Turk  alliance and 

with the Turks-friend counts in Transylvania. 

Bocskai took part in the Wallachian war 

campaign and in the victory at Giurgiu. 

  As he's not getting enough support from 


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Vienna, in the wars against the Turks, he 

decides to move back to his property in 

Bihar county, opposing from the publicity,

and protests against the Basta type of 

destructions. That's why he was ordered 

to Vienna. 

  Although, by the influence of real facts, 

of German friendship, he turns out to 

become an important ally of the Turks, 

and the Transylvanian and Hungarian 

dissatisfied public also want him to be 

their leader. He takes the hussars as his 

servants (the hussars later will settle on 

his property), and defeats the against him 

sent emperor armies at Álmosd. Bocskai, 

at first becomes count of Transylvania, 

then later in the parliament at Szerencs, he 

gets  elected as Hungary's count too. The 

sultan offered him crown too, but that he 



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