As he affirmed he seizes sward because 

the country's population suffered political 

and religious injuries from the part of the 

Habsburgs: they persecuted people 

because of being protestants, condemned 

others to death with invented accusations 

and confiscating their wealth. He called all 

the Transylvanians and Hungarians for 

uniting, and promised to them that: "he 

won't put his sword back into its sheathe, 

'till he doesn't see the Hungarians satisfied 

and happy". (Until he didn't regain the 

country's calm and freedom.) 

  Bocskai mediated between the sultan and 

the Habsburgs, in the interest of making 

peace, after 15 years of war, at Zsitvatorok.

  He gained victory, with his hussars, upon 

the Habsburgs, forcing emperor Rudolf to 

agree in making peace, that after all has 

been created in Vienna. In this agreement, 



                               - 37 -

the emperor recognizes the Transylvanians 

right of electing their own counts; 

Bocskai is allowed to possess some 

Eastern-Hungarian counties and the very 

important castle at Tokaj, near the Tisza 


  He places his hussars (former border 

castle braves, soldiers, fugitive shepherds 

and highwaymen) in, on his own properties 

created towns (hussar-towns), and the 

hussars for their military service gain the 

same kind of freedom as the Seklers in 


  In his will, he puts on his successors heart 

to keep Transylvania's independence, and 

when the Hungarian crown gets into 

Hungarian hands again, than unite with the

national kingdom.

  His successful ruling was stopped by his 

suddenly followed death.



                          - 38 -

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