He was also a great diplomat, who gains 

the sultan's support for Bocskai István's 

favor. He is also the supporter and advisor 

of Báthory Gábor, who also became count 

by having Bethlen Gábor's help and support.

But when Báthory decides to desert from 

the Turks, Bethlen must ask for the Turks 

support again (his life is not safe because 

of the incalculable prince). Then for Turk 

exhortation (and/or order) Bethlen Gábor  

gets elected as count of Transylvania by 

the Transylvanians.

  He had to take the throne at a very 

uncomfortable time: first he had to calm the 

Saxons, then to make order inside the 

country, then had to fix the country's 

friendship with Vienna, had to talk though 

with the Turks about their immense tax 

demands, then to fix the principality's 

broken income sources (properties and 


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money income).   

  All these duties were done well, in fact he 

built a centered federation organization. He 

succeeded in fixing Transylvania's material 

statute, and the state's income grown as 

much that after king Mathias, for the first 

time, he was able to support an army. 

  In the 30 year war, Bethlen commanded 

lots of times an army against the Habsburgs

(1619 - 1621, 1623 and 1626). After the 

time of peace treaties he assured the 

annexation of Hungary's eastern parts 

(the seven counties region) to Transylvania.

For to prosper the principality's economy, 

he brought new outsiders to settle in the 

country. He strengthened the uniting of the 

three Transylvanian nations, and made 

arrangements about the country's 


  He founded and supported schools and 


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