Habsburgs hand, who will imprison him 

for this. He escapes from the prison, in an 

adventurous way and succeeds to get to 


  He will be visited soon, by the Tiszahát 

rebellions' messengers, who will ask him to 

be the commander of the, with the 

Habsburg empire dissatisfied movement. 

  Rákoczi Ferenc the 2nd. accepts the 

rebellions offer, and soon, with his lead, 

some important regions, such as Upper-

Hungary, the region towards the Tisza river,

and important part of Transylvania, will be 

set free by the Kuruc rebellions. 

  He will be elected count of Transylvania, 

in 1704, by the Jury at Gyulafehérvár. In 

1705, he will be elected as Hungary's 

count commander, by the parliament at 


  Rákoczi did his best efforts to strengthen 


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the country, he is looking for outsiders 

allies and to reorganize and assure the 

country's economy and military forces. 

  After the first successes, the luck deserts 

from the Kuruc rebellions and at first they 

get pushed out of Transylvania, then starts 

the peace negotiations with the Habsburgs. 

  Until he was in Russia, to win the Russian 

count's, Peter the first's support, against 

the Habsburgs, the Kuruc army's 

commander Károlyi Sándor, signs the 

peace treaty with the Habsburgs, at 

Szatmár, in 1711, and they put down their 

weapons. Rákoczi Ferenc the 2nd. won't 

recognize the treaty, and hopes that with 

European help and support will be able to 

defeat the Habsburgs. For a period of time 

will stay in France, then in 1717 accepts 

the sultan's invitation, and with some of his 

loyal men goes to Turkey. They hope,


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